“Roxana is a fantastic Physical Therapist. I highly recommend her. I came to her with an acute sciatica. I could barely sleep at night because of the pain and I could hardly bear to support my leg or sit down. She observed differences in my body and helped me to aligned it through myofascial therapy. She also gave me recommendations to continue my rehabilitation with Pilates. Both her manual therapy and her advice were a real blessing to me. After a month I feel like a new person and I am very grateful for her work. Not only is she an excellent PT, but she is also a person with a special sensitivity and care for her patients.”

L. Ortiz

“Roxy is an incredible physical therapist. She got me up and walking after my knee surgery & two manipulations. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I highly recommend her. A session with her is worth every last penny!!”

A. Bonilla

In anticipation of full hip replacement surgery later that year, I was recommended to Roxy by a good friend in early 2018. I was told by my surgeon that I needed to strengthen all surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments prior to surgery therefore I immediately contacted Roxy to commence a series of physical therapy sessions and myofascial release therapy. Contacting Roxy before my surgery was the best decision that I ever made! I had full hip replacement surgery in September / 2018 and never had the need to take strong pain meds after the surgery. My recovery was so much easier because of the pre-surgery therapy that I received from Roxy. Less than a week after surgery, I continued my physical therapy sessions and myofascial release therapy with Roxy. In less than 2 weeks, I was walking normally again. Without Roxy’s expertise, suggestions, patience, as well as her personalized attention, I would not be where I am today; fully recovered!

L. Mechoso

“Roxy is an amazing physical therapist, She has helped several friends and family members. She comes to the home and specializes in the elderly. One of our friends was in a lot of pain and using a cane, after a few weeks working with Roxy he is pain free and walking without a cane, I highly recommend her!”

M. DeZarraga

“Roxy has been my Physical therapist for more than two years and she is simply the best!!!!!!!”

V. Drielts

“I have known Roxy for about 20 years now. She is a fellow colleague and friend that I can honestly say is a wonderful & caring human being aside from being an incredible physical therapist. Her manual techniques and support assisted my recovery from a near fatal injury. Would I recommend Roxy...., ABSOLUTELY!”

M. Gonzalez, PT

“I have known Roxy for 4 years, she is an excellent human being and professional. She was one of my mentors on Polestar Pilates during my training. After that I had a pleasure to be her coworker and I always heard the best feedback from her clients as PT and Pilates instructor.” G. Almeida, Polestar Pilates Instructor

G. Almeida, Polestar Pilates Instructor

“I have known Roxy for almost two years. She has been instrumental in my recovery from hip surgery. She has incorporated physical therapy, Pilates and strength training into my program. She designed a pre surgery protocol that I believe helped me immensely. She takes a holistic approach to recovery which I found extremely helpful. She is one of the most caring human beings I know and she brings that every day. Her cheerful disposition always inspires me to work a little harder. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an extremely competent physical Therapist. She has now started me on a program of fascia release to take me to the next l level. 6 stars.”


“Roxana Molina treated me after my knee replacement and she was my angel. After 3 months of the surgery and regular therapy I was desperate with the pain. It was relentless every single day and every single minute without respite. That was when Roxana with her miracle hands started working with me and for the first time I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I continued with her special therapy until my total recuperation. I will always thank my therapy angel, Roxana Molina.”

Y. Alvarex

“I am happy to call Roxy my friend and a wonderful colleague in this field of movement! I can count on her intellectual expertise with questions that pertain to different populations and how some Pilates exercises apply or not! Roxy is a friend who cares genuinely for those she serves. She will do whatever she can to get her clients the best results for a healthier lifestyle. She is truly amazing.”

A. Bolt-Turrall

“Roxy is hands down the best there is in PT & Myofascial Release! If you are in pain or need a PT/ MFR Specialist don’t bother looking elsewhere. Roxy should be your 1st and only choice. She is extremely intuitive, kind, and professional. But most importantly, Roxy will have you feeling better in no time at all... and you will walk out with better posture and alignment! I’ve been sending my family and clients to Roxy for years now, knowing that they are... in the best hands! Roxy is a dear friend and colleague of mine. And my go to person for any Pilates/ Physical Therapy related questions. Her magical MFR hands (as I call them) got me ready for my yearly ski trip, after a bike riding incident that involved a hip strain - 6 weeks before my trip. I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t be able to ski. (I’m an avid & aggressive skier, and sipping cocoa by the fireplace is not an option for me. lol) After a few MFR visits, rest, and a lot of PT/ Pilates - I was skiing the Back Bowls of Vail and the entire mountain as if nothing happened to my hip. She helped my Crossfitter Hubby with a rotator cuff strain. It’s been 3 years and he is still doing Crossfit, playing Golf, and participating in all his favorite sports - Pain Free! She’s also treated quite a few of my family members - from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, to a pre -op Hip Replacement, and post Back Surgery. My family and I highly recommend Roxy! 5 Shooting, Stellar, Bright Stars all the way!”

A. Sedano, PMA-CPT® Polestar Pilates Instructor

“My experience couldn’t be better. I had a severe pain in my back and going through my arms and hands. My wrists were swollen. Apparently I had problem with tendons caused by a workstation that I had almost all wrong, keyboard too high, desk, screen, chair, and the way I used to sit. This therapy relieved my pain and Roxy taught me some exercises to relax tension at the end of my workday. I really recommend!”

P. Astudillo